[Wikipedia-l] The board has overstepped its mandate and authority (was: mail WikiSpecies)

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 14 19:57:10 UTC 2004

--- Angela <beesley at gmail.com> wrote:

> The wiki is there to allow discussion to take place and to evolve what
> features are needed. 

*That* is what Meta is for. Fork. 

> This is most definitely not a fork of Wikipedia. Wikispecies is more
> about collecting data than writing articles. This data will be saved
> in a way that allows all Wikipedias, not just the English one, to use
> the data. As a project, Wikispecies has different aims to Wikipedia.
> It is aimed at the needs of scientific users rather than general
> users. Integrating Wikispecies into Wikimedia prevents a fork.

*That* is what the Commons is for. Fork. 
> The board met at the start of this month, and the notes from this
> meeting are on Meta and the Foundation wiki. Four members voted to
> support the following points:

Creating this when there was significant (I’d say large) amount of concerns and
opposition oversteps the bounds of the board, IMO. New projects *must* be
started when there is a consensus to do so, *not* by fiat. I can’t believe this
is happening. 
> I apologize to those who had not seen the above report already.
> Perhaps we need to find a way of ensuring that people who do not
> follow either of those wikis are aware of meetings that take place
> such as this one.

Perhaps we need to return to a consensus decision-making process instead of one
by fiat. 

Truly disgusted,

Daniel Mayer (who is now seriously re-evaluating his participation in Wikipedia
and Wikimedia) 

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