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Marco Krohn marco.krohn at web.de
Tue Sep 14 18:12:12 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 14 September 2004 19:47, Gerard Meijssen wrote:

> Yes, you opposed it.

as others did as well

> The wikimedia board approved it; all votes were in 
> favour. There was discussion, the arguments were weighed. 

> What is your problem ?

Almost everyone agreed that there will be huge overlap between the projects 
which is a bad thing IMHO.

I did not know up to now that there was a wikimedia board decision and others 
probably also read this for the first time now. Asking who authorized this 
new project therefore is a good and valid question. Or have you any problem 
with that? ;-)

Personally I do not like the way the whole thing was handled, but of course 
some decision had to be made. I'm a bit afraid that the proposed solution for 
wikispecies project within Wikipedia was not investigated sufficently, on the 
other hand the boards members hopefully know what they are doing.

> Wikispecies is not a fork. It is not intended as a fork, 

good to hear

> it will prove not to be a fork.. 

this still is disputed, and I don't think you are right. Of course I hope you 
are. Good luck with attracting new experts and

best regards,

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