[Wikipedia-l] nn (Norw. Nynorsk) wikipedia

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Tue Sep 14 02:15:23 UTC 2004

Neil Harris wrote:

> I was told by a Norwegian that the Scandanavian languages are all so closely
> Perhaps the nearest equivalent might be "Scots" vs. "English".

If I speak Swedish in the streets of Oslo, I will make myself
understood but the locals will treat me as a speaker of a foreign
language.  With English (British or American) in the streets of
Glasgow, I'm not a foreign speaker.  Therefore I think Scots would be
analogous to Nynorsk, and Nynorsk now has its own Wikipedia
(nn.wikipedia.org with 151 articles).

Lars Aronsson.
  Aronsson Datateknik

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