[Wikipedia-l] UTF-8 problem

Roman Maurer roman.maurer at amis.net
Sun Sep 12 14:51:18 UTC 2004

Yann Forget pravi:

> There are problems to make links to Wikipedias which use non Latin scripts on 
> Wikipedias which are still not in UTF-8 (en:, sv:, da:, etc.).
> [...]
> Does someone know how to correct this now?

For Slovenian letters čšž (but it should also work for others unicode 
characters) we use converter from one of our contributors at

While some alphabets (Japanese and Russian come to mind) get converted 
to HTML entities automaticaly, I noticed that Estonian and Slovenian use 
the same word (Tadžikistan), but [[et:Tadžikistan]] works in English 
Wikipedia, while [[sl:Tadžikistan]] does not.  See thread at:

So converter is the way to go, at least for Slovenian.

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