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Yann Forget yann at forget-me.net
Sun Sep 12 10:44:18 UTC 2004

Le Sunday 12 September 2004 02:44, Mark Williamson a écrit :
> Also, I think I should add that a split is inevitable.
> If the Wikimedia Foundation chooses to not host it, those of us who
> believe a separate Wikipedia is nessecary will fork - not just
> linguistically, but the serious type of
> different-server-different-domainname fork entailed in for example
> Enciclopedia Libre (enciclopedia.us.es), wikinfo, wikiznanie.ru, etc.
> I'm not 100% sure but I think a similar thing happened some years ago
> when fr: was allowed to decide whether or not wa: was created, and
> eventually it was transferred to Wikimedia Foundation servers.

This is wrong. Wa: never was a fork. It was an experiment made outside the 
Foundation simply because it was not sure it was workable (sufficient number 
of editors, etc.). I think only Creole could be said to be a French dialect, 
and no Creole Wikipedia exists, nor any request was made for it, AFAIK.

Again here, I think you are using something you don't know to serve your 
purpose, and threatening rather than discussing.


> Best,
> Jin Junshu/Mark

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