[Wikipedia-l] Re: One Chinese Wikipedia

yuanml yuanml at pku.org.cn
Sat Sep 11 16:25:33 UTC 2004

let us sum up basic fact, pro and con we had discussed in a NPOV manner.

==basic fact==
*The same language: Chinese.
*Two writing systems: TC & SC.
*Chinese Wikipedia now mix TC and SC together.
*Chinese Wikipedia community now have a consensus on unity.
*SC artical vs TC artical at Chinese Wikipedia is about 10:1.
*a unified solution is workable, although it is also acknowledged that
there are significant challenges.
*Someone tried to develop a solution for the differences in vocabulary
among Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland, Singapore and Macau,
the basic idea of the solution works.
*there are huge and permanent implications of splitting up the two

==pros of a single version==
*it makes the most sense from a language point of view
*it makes the most sense from the point of view of having a top
quality NPOV resource.
*zh would work towards a traditional-simplified solution.
*The advantage of a technical fix to the character problem
to have one version is that the problems don't grow with time
*The problem set of making two characters sets work isn't
a fast moving target.

==cons of a single version==
*The SC UI is uncomfortable and scared away some of the TC users.
*It is difficult for the TC users to look up some material such as
names of places and people from traditional.

==pros of two seperate version==
*attract more TC users.
*there is a larger corpus of texts, many of them 
fundamental texts, which exist as originals
in traditional characters.

==cons of two seperate version==
*low quality on NPOV.
*a technical fix to the character problem to
diverged versions grow with time.
*keeping up with two sets of wikipedians is
a fast moving target.

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