[Wikipedia-l] Re: One Chinese Wikipedia

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 11 12:09:43 UTC 2004

I would be curious to know who started the simple english wikipedia.
If it was discusssed/voted in the main english wikipedia...

and mostly why it was set...
whose public it is addressed to...


yuanml a écrit:
> To Mark Williamson:
>>By the way, since when am I trying to compare en/jp and tc/sc? I was
>>merely responding to something somebody else said about SC and TC
>>users "living in the same universe" or something.
> I don't think I lose my point.
> tc/sc users enjoy the same concept structure of the universe,
> but en/jp, en/tc or en/sc are not same.
> For example planet Venus in English is a term related to a goddess,
> but in both sc/tc planet Venus is related to the same things - gold
> and star. In one word, tc/sc is the same language.
> This is my point.
> The tc/sc users not only enjoy the same grammar of language,
> but also most part of their knowledge systems.
> Let us not talk about Chinese native knowledge,
> such as Chinese history, Foreklore, but let us talk about mordern science.
> Terminologies of mordern science are introduced to China
> since Ming Dynasty hundreds of years ago, and increased vastly after 1900.
> The Chinese knowledge system evolve into their morder form
> just after the New Culture Movment around 1920.
> But the split of tc/sc is about at 1956,
> then the tc/sc enjoy the same backgroud of their knowledge systems.
>>From 1949 to 1980s tc/sc evolved independently for lack of communication,
> then some new terminologies are different, such as in computer science.
> But after 1980s, the communication between tc/sc increased comparatively.

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