[Wikipedia-l] The Register, Round 2

Thomas Whaples tom at eh.net
Wed Sep 8 15:07:11 UTC 2004

Andrew Lih wrote:

>The second round in the Wikipedia-Register battle of 2004 has been
>published, and Andrew Orlowski promises a third.  You have to chuckle
>at his description of the Wikipedia community as "the Khmer Rouge in
>He has the advantage of being able to cherry pick the most acerbic,
>typo ridden email rants in order to make his case. Then again, the
>Register folks have no high ground here - they didn't spell their own
>URL correctly ("daipers" [sic]).
As long as they can tell us to go read a "*real* encyclopedia", how 
about we go off and read a *real* newspaper? :)

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