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Sj 2.718281828 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 00:48:22 UTC 2004

Hello all,  

I am happy to announce that a Wikimedia newsletter is underway.  The
plan is to publish it online next week, then lay it out for print
publication.  You can see an outline of the first issue here:

We are looking for a managing editor in each language, a lead
copyeditor, a print editor, and a community reporter.  If you would
like to work on the newsletter in any capacity, please leave a note on
the talk page, or email me directly.

Everyone is encouraged to suggest content; particularly compelling
wiki-statistics, notes about local wikiprojects, symbolic articles
(preferably from the [[meta:List of articles all languages should
have]], and 'feature-quality' in more than one language) and images
for the gallery.  Please leave suggestions for newsletter content on
the discussion page above.

We also need translators, and proofreaders in each language.  You can
follow the translation effort or contribute to it here:

Rundschreiben der Wikimedia   
Wikimedia newsletter 
Boletín de noticias de Wikimedia 
Lettre de diffusion de Wikimedia 

Wer Lust hat, sich an der deutschen (oder anderen) Fassung zu
beteiligen, schreibt bitte an meta.sj at gmail.com

If you would like to help translate or edit the newsletter, please
send mail to meta.sj at gmail.com

Si Usted quiere traducir entre español y otro idioma, o corregir en
español, favor de mandar un email a meta.sj at gmail.com.

Si vous voulez faire une traduction ou rédacter en français,
écrivez-nous a meta.sj at gmail.com.

日本語での編集作業を手伝っていただける方はmeta.sj at gmail.comまでメールをお寄せください。

On the subject of translations, I want to repeat Michael Snow's notice
of the press release being prepared in honor of the one millionth
Wikipedia article.  Please spread the word, and help us translate this
into every one of our hundred+ languages (currently we only have
translations in 15). Note that the original is still being edited, and
is not yet ready for release.

Globale Presseerklärung (millionstel Seite)  
Global press release (millionth article) 
Lanzamiento de prensa global (millonésimo artículo)  
Communiqué  de presse global (millionième article) 

This is also a good time to think of local newspapers and radio
stations that you could contact about the announcement (it's not too
early to start contacting them now).  For a list of organizations
contacted earlier this year, see

September cheer,

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