[Wikipedia-l] Re: The deletion of not used pictures

Ashar Voultoiz thoane at altern.org
Sun Sep 5 15:06:32 UTC 2004

Gerard Meijssen wrote:
> On nl:wikipedia a valid reason for the deletion of pictures is that they 
> are not used. I have asked at "the kroeg" that they should not be 
> deleted in anticipation of WikiCommons.
> Andre Engels asked me why I thought that there will be a WikiCommons as 
> both he and I have so far been given the cold shoulder treatment on 
> WikiCommons. His question is fair. What do I base my trust on that there 
> will be in the near future a WikiCommons ?
> Question:
> *Should these pictures be deleted from nl:wikipedia ?


It's up to the community to make a choice about that. On fr: we have lot 
of flowers pictures that are included in a wikipedia:project page for 
future usage. I would say : create articles so the pictures can be used.

> *When will there be a place where we can upload material that is not 
> used on nl:wikipedia and that will be eventually available in WikiCommons ?

Maybe we should start to gather needs, thinks about how we can reuse 
part of MediaWiki code to build the wikicommon engine and then start 
coding it.

Some changes will have to be made to MediaWiki to be able to use a 
second database for pictures :o)

Ashar Voultoiz

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