[Wikipedia-l] One_million_Wikipedia_articles

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 4 15:04:33 UTC 2004


Thanks a lot for Michael and all those working on the 1 000 000 articles 
press release. That is a huge number is not it ?

I hope that this will be released in many languages.

Since I am from a medium size wikipedia, which was once really really 
really small :-), I remember quite well how I thought the first global 
press release important.
We were perhaps 10 000 articles then, and all our attempts to make 
promotion were really limited to some small sites. We would never dare 
write to a big newssite, telling them ''look, we do an encyclopedia, we 
are great, we have 10 000 articles''.

The global press release was the opportunity to write to big sites, and 
say "look, we do an encyclopedia, we are great, we have 300 000 
articles. Incidently, the french version is still quite small..."

I hope that again, we all benefit from the huge number we make all 
together. The first time a press release is sent, it is a lot of work, 
because it is necessary to prepare a big page of references and gather 
adresses to write to. The second time, it is much easier.

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