[Wikipedia-l] This is the beginning of a "today in wikipedia"-section in major newspapers

Mathias Schindler neubau at presroi.de
Wed Nov 10 05:42:11 UTC 2004

We should start a wikipedia weather forecast.


Mudslinging Weasels Into Online History

Published: November 10, 2004

about NPOV: "But each one has a different view of that job. And that is
where the fun begins."

about protecting pages: "Thus Senator Kerry and President Bush took 
their places next to the other untouchables in the Wikipedia: Ariel 
Sharon, Osama bin Laden, Rush Limbaugh and Salvador Allende."

about foreign admins: "One administrator, a German computer programmer, 
wrote, "Hopefully once the elections are over this article won't be the 
prime vandalism target anymore.""

about the election: "one Wikipedia administrator humbly proposed an 
addition to the Bush page "We should probably go ahead and add something 
about him winning the election, with or without mentioning the help of 
Diebold Electronics and ESS,""

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