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Sun Jan 25 11:07:22 UTC 2004

From: "Anthere" <anthere8 at yahoo.com>
> Delirium a écrit:
> > Alex T. wrote:
> >
> >> That process would seem to indicate that you could require the
> >> to be
> >> verified by a notary, thus ensuring that it is from a distinct
> >> That is usually
> >> what NPO membership coordinators due is verify membership status, so it
> >> not
> >> outrageous to ask someone to fill out a form, get it notarized and mail
> >> to someone
> >> to be entitled to vote.
> A notary ?!?
> Well...I never had the use of a notary, even to receive an heritage :-(

Ant, in the United States a "Notary" is not the same this as a "Notaire"
under the civil law.  A Notary Public is someone who takes oaths and
verifies the identities of individuals. They usually perform this service
for a small sum, you can usually go to a public shop such as a pharmacy or
perhaps a bank or savings and loan assocation or credit union and for a
couple of dollars they will verify your identity.  In Quebec we call this a
"Commissioner of Oaths".

> I suspect we will have to find easier ways to prove we are real
> citizens. Perhaps an id number, perhaps a copy of an official letter,

That is what it would be, basically a copy of an official statement that the
person who signed this paper brought their picture ID to me and signed this
document in front of me, very simple, really.

> perhaps a web site with enough standing references to prove we exist...

VeriSign has some services along this line:

There are also online voter systems that exist:

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