[Wikipedia-l] A new idea: a Wiki-based TV episode guide

James R. Johnson modean52 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 30 01:02:16 UTC 2004

An episode guide within that TV Show's wiki article?  Sounds good to me.


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--- kelvSYC <kelvsyc at shaw.ca> wrote:
> Seeing that there seems to be articles on individual episodes of 
> certain TV shows in Wikipedia that some might argue is unencyclopedic 
> (due to the fact that they contribute little other than an episode 
> summary), how about a television episode guide based on the Wiki 
> philosophy (a "Wikivision" perhaps)?

Just lump small summaries together into larger, list-like articles for the
relevant seasons. This is already done for minor fictional characters. No
need for a separate project. 

-- mav

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