[Wikipedia-l] A new idea: a Wiki-based TV episode guide

kelvSYC kelvsyc at shaw.ca
Sun Aug 29 04:49:23 UTC 2004

Maybe it's OT for this list (if it is, then I forget which list is 
appropriate), but I thought of a new Wiki proposal people might like 
and could be implemented if people were up to it:

Seeing that there seems to be articles on individual episodes of 
certain TV shows in Wikipedia that some might argue is unencyclopedic 
(due to the fact that they contribute little other than an episode 
summary), how about a television episode guide based on the Wiki 
philosophy (a "Wikivision" perhaps)?

The idea was inspired largely by Wikibooks and their management of 
individual "books", followed by individual articles within each "book". 
  Likewise, this Wiki-based TV Guide would have major sections for an 
individual TV series, and each article would represent one show in one 
particular series.  The goal of such a Wiki would be to essentially 
provide summaries to as many episodes for as many TV series as 
possible, in as many different languages as we can.

A potential obstacle to this idea (not a technical obstacle, but rather 
a policy obstacle) would be the regional differences that may exist 
within the same show.  For example, edit wars may occur over whether to 
use the titles and names that are used for the English or French, 
German, Japanese, or other regional version, and whether or not to 
include episodes that aired in one region but not another (and if so, 
which title is the article with the content and which ones are 
redirects to that article).

What do you all think of the idea?

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