[Wikitech-l] Re: [Wikipedia-l] Wikipedia RC is broken

Tomasz Wegrzanowski taw at users.sf.net
Sat Aug 28 21:00:44 UTC 2004

On Sat, Aug 28, 2004 at 09:26:32PM +0200, Lars Aronsson wrote:
> Tomasz Wegrzanowski wrote:
> > I think we just have to divide RC into reasonably-sized parts.
> I think "filtering" is a more apropriate word than "division". Perhaps
> I only want to see changes in biology categories, perhaps you only
> want to see new articles, someone else only wants to see changes made
> on Wednesdays, a fourth person only wants to see changes made by a
> limited group of people (his traditional enemies).  It should be one
> list, but with more ways to personalize the display.
> Already, the "user contributions" is indeed one such filter applied to
> the list of changes.

I think the filtering would only be a partial solution. The reason RC worked
so well was that every change was reviewed by a few competent people.
If we divide the RC (and provide a special RC for uncategorized articles,
from which they will be moved to specialized RCs), this property will be restored.
With general filtering it seems to me that there are going to be many changes
which won't get into filters of enough competent people. The only idea
I have how to cope with that group of changes is the division, but maybe
there's some other way.

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