[Wikipedia-l] spammers and idiots

Peter Gervai grin at tolna.net
Fri Aug 27 09:54:32 UTC 2004

Just an embryo of idea: seems some idiots/spammers spam their URL to
wikipedias they guess unmaintaned, and I suspect that they usually do it to
more than one: maybe one of them are is not maintaned, and thus raise their
ranks on google (cos' that's what it's all about).

Would be maybe useful to be able to put an IP (and its approximate modification
date) into the SpamExaminer queue, which could cehck every wikipedia for the
same IP (only not logged in IP's as it's unlikely that they log in to
several wikipedias they don't even get the language in) modifications, and
make it easier to rollback them (or even help non-maintaned wikipedias to
get rid of them, I don't yet know how).

Maybe a link somewhere on the contribs of a not logged in IP page could
help. Or when watching their diffs (it turns out to be spam in the diffs
usually, except when the moron creates a new article just for the spam).

I guess this could work effectively since not many non-logged-in people
makes changes to several wikipedias at once, and even if they would, sysops
probably wouldn't flag them as spammers.

Or maybe we already have such checks. Dunno. If there is, sorry for wasting
your time.



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