[Wikipedia-l] unnecessary "forks"

Stan Shebs shebs at apple.com
Thu Aug 26 16:04:53 UTC 2004

Anthony DiPierro wrote:

>>Creating good content will attract more, not starting over. We have
>>established that this would be a fork and nothing in this proposed project
>>could not be put into Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Commons.
>Of course, by this rationale, Wikimedia Commons itself is an unnecessary
>fork, since all the images in the Commons could be put into Wikipedia
Tsk tsk, being English-centric. Don't you realize that the Italian
wikipedia can't refer to an English WP image directly, but has to
upload each one to it:WP specifically? We have thousands of cloned
images by now. The Commons is actually an anti-fork that will
make all the images accessible to all WPs equally.


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