[Wikipedia-l] new wikipedias: extremaduran and galaico-extremaduran

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Wed Aug 25 19:41:38 UTC 2004

My name is Carlos Quiles and I am the co-writer of a cultural newspaper,
www.iventia.com, written in extremaduran and a fala (or
'galaico-extremaduran'), both regional languages of Spain, and both with
international recognition (ethnologue.com, proel.org, mercator media,
the wikipedia itself and some universities around the world which have
interest in recording ressources about every possible language).

Me and some other members of the extremaduran APLEx society
(www.aplexextremadura.com) are interested in creating a wikipedia in
both regional languages, to promote the use of them.

The galaico-extremaduran has official recognition in the Autonomous
Community of Extremadura, and is spoken by some 20.000 people.
The extremaduran is recognized neither in the A.C. of Extremadura nor in
the A.C. of Castile and Leon, partly because of its similarity with the
castilian dialect with the same name (see the wikipedia: extremaduran
language, for more information), and partly because it is so endangered
that only the oldest men speak it still. But there is a great advantage
of creating the wikipedia in extremaduran: almost every extremaduran can
understand to a good degree the language, even if they already speak the
castilian dialect, so having probably more than 1.500.000 million people
able (and possibly willing) to write and read it.

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