[Wikipedia-l] What is the purpose of this mailing list ??

James R. Johnson modean52 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 25 16:23:53 UTC 2004

 I wouldn't mind having the current wiki catergory system expanded to
include (for biology) the various taxonomic categories of a life-form
(Kingdom, Phylum, Sub-phylum....Genus, Species).  That would (I think) allow
someone to search for a creature or article based on its scientific name.  I
don't, however see it as dividing the biology base, but rather, allowing
them to create a basic directory, which the wikipedia expounds upon, with
links from the wikispecies article on, say, felis domesticus [having basic
scientific information], linking to the wikipedia article for more prosaic
style, distribution around the world, role in mythology, cat-worship in
ancient Egypt, etc.


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--- "Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales" <jwales at wikia.com> wrote:

> When fully developed, a wikispecies directory will be a delightful 
> resource work as a standalone *and* a nice foundation for *some* 
> encyclopedia articles.  But the two are not identical.

Our current category system could be extended to create such a directory
*within* Wikipedia. Dividing our biology contributor base between two
separate projects that have a great deal of overlap is a HUGE mistake. 

-- Daniel

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