[Wikipedia-l] Russian pictures - copyright rules

Austin Hair callidus at austinhair.org
Tue Aug 24 22:07:40 UTC 2004

> AFAIK and IANAL, Russian laws on copyright do not exist. Therefore 
> Russian resources are different. It may be that after the collapse of 
> the USSR the copyright laws have changed, but I am not aware of that.

This is certainly incorrect.  It *is* widely believed that Soviet texts
dating prior to 1973 (when the USSR became party to the relevant
convention) may be freely used and considered public domain, but this is
almost certainly untrue from a legal standpoint, and copyrighted
material produced subsequent to that date is as protected as this
message (moreso, perhaps).  I, too, ANAL, but I've had numerous
long-winded discussions with real, live lawyers on the subject, and I do
my best to keep up with it.  Perhaps one of our fellow legal hobbyists
(James?) can elaborate?

Austin D. Hair <austin at austinhair.org>
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