[Wikipedia-l] Re: Developers needed!

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 24 12:05:38 UTC 2004

Lars Aronsson a écrit:
> Daniel Mayer wrote:
>>>Looks essentially what a wikispecies should look like, I guess.  I guess a
>>>w-species would focus more on the biology, history, genealogy, genetics, or
>>>what, so that it's different from the w-pedia?  
>>All that should be covered in the Wikipedia article. 
> My impression is that Wikispecies' goal is to catalog *every* existing
> (and extinct?) species.  We're talking about, what, hundred thousands
> of articles.  This is similar to documenting every town and village,
> no matter what the size, and such attempts have historically not been
> appreciated within Wikipedia.  This is why I think Wikispecies should 
> be developed separately.
> Consider another hypothetical project:  Wikibibliography, that
> catalogs and reviews all books ever printed, which would be something
> like the OCLC WorldCat on an open content basis.  Any such project has
> goals that have a rather small overlap with that of Wikipedia.  
> However, that overlap (a few thousand articles) might be interesting
> enough that compatible licenses and some coordination could be useful.

I tend to agree with Lars here.
I am interested in such a project, and I think it could have a life on 
its own, with some of its information being in wikipedia as well.
I tend to consider Wikipedia as a "generalist" encyclopedia, which 
should try to stay simple, readable to most, and avoid jargon and very 
specialised information. Wikipedia can be a central reference, with 
surrounding projects, smaller, and more specialised.

I still need to see better what this project should be, but I think it 
should be separated, but with strong interactions with Wikipedia.

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