[Wikipedia-l] starting wikispecies

Benedikt Mandl benedikt.mandl at gmx.at
Tue Aug 24 10:45:00 UTC 2004

Could somebody help us out:

Do you think you could use your data and wiki software to set up a
>beta-test-version of wikispecies? I could set the wikispecies.org to any 
URL at any time.
The current software and data that I have is easy to provide. However, 
to create a Wikispecies based on what I have is non-trivial. The 
complicating factor is that I am not a PHP programmer and, I am not a 
MySQL man I am a relational database man. I am also involved in 
wiktionary, there I am trying things that are complicated as well. This 
is in the nurturing stage. I cannot do everything.


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