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James R. Johnson modean52 at comcast.net
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Would the w-species give EVERY species a place, even extinct ones?  And how
would species of unknown or questionable placement work (dinosaurs to birds,
or perhaps dimetrodons)?  Hopefully w-species could come up with an ordering
system, so that if one person were to edit the species' page, say the genus
changed, it would change elsewhere on the w-species automatically?  Say homo
sapiens were renamed to jimbo sapiens.  Then all the links or redirects
would alter accordingly, perhaps through a webbot or automatic crawler?


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> For a wikispecies, I would expect to be able to click on the Kingdom 
> (Animala), Phylum (Chordata), Subphylum (Vertebrata), and so on so I 
> can narrow down progressively to homo sapiens, homo neanderthalensis, 
> homo erectus, etc., and on the each further down level (i.e. Chordata, 
> then Vertebrata), the most notable species would have higher links on that
> Is that what you mean by category?

Taxoboxes are a standard part of every WikiProject Tree of Life article. The
only time there are breaks in the navigation are when an intermediate
article does not yet exist for that taxon. 

But your example already exists. Start at
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eukaryote and work your way down. 

As time passes there will be few and fewer breaks until all taxa are covered
(hopefully every species known to science will also be covered). 

There could also be a category for each taxon, but that needs to be worked
out first. 

-- Daniel

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