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James R. Johnson modean52 at comcast.net
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Well, I'll give you some articles in English and Anglo-Saxon, and a little
German (maybe add to other people's articles there), and in a few months, my
German will be better after having lived there.  Can't wait to see it


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> Benedikt,
>     Do you want the wikispecies to be English only, or have 
> sub-domains en.wikispecies.org, de.wikispecies.org, ang.wikispecies.org
and so forth?
> James

Hi James!

Highest priority is to get it started properly in English, and for
scientists (who are my starter/beta-test-target group) English is the lingua

Nevertheless, in the spirit of wikipedia I think it is desirable to go for
other languages; also for practical reasons: it would make wikispecies
attractive for kids/schools and regional applications, such as local
bird-watchers (I live in England right now, and these people do exist,
actually in vast amounts) or national biodiversity projects as the German
"GEO Tag der Artenvielfalt". As always with wiki-projects, it will mainly
depend on the will of the people who contribute and use it.


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