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Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 23 17:40:59 UTC 2004

--- Benedikt Mandl <benedikt.mandl at gmx.at> wrote:

> Hi,
> in case you havn't read my initial e-mail: I am currently trying to
> establish a wiki-based, open species directory at www.wikispecies.org/,
> which is meant to become a wikimedia project.
> I got some support for contents by a range of wikipedia writers, but what I
> really need now are developers who set up a basic structure so that we can
> get started. Jimbo Wales suggested that the inital wikispecies would be
> basically the same as the one of wikipedia.
> I evaluated some species data bases and based on that I worked out a basic
> structure: a main page with search functions and sub-pages for an individual
> species/genus/family and so on, whith different features that can be
> searched for (for details see bottom of this e-mail).
> If you think you can help, please let me know - every support is much
> appreciated! Thanks,
> Benedikt

Information on species needs to be kept in the encyclopedia. Work with
WikiProject Tree of Life. All the info you want to index could easily be
contained in a table at the bottom of our current species articles and/or
though the use of categories. 

-- mav

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