[Wikipedia-l] Developers needed!

Magnus Manske magnus.manske at web.de
Mon Aug 23 12:47:21 UTC 2004

Most of the items on your list can be done without a developer, except 
for the "advanced search". I strongly suggest that you use the template 
system for filling in the data, not just because of the unified look of 
things, but also because other software could then extract the 
information (e.g., for statistical purposes). This can also be used to 
maintain the category system (where you pass a parameter "family=xyz", 
the template could do both "[[xyz]]" and "[[category:Family xyz]]").

It would be best if you had a demo system set up to play around with.


Benedikt Mandl wrote:

>in case you havn't read my initial e-mail: I am currently trying to
>establish a wiki-based, open species directory at www.wikispecies.org/,
>which is meant to become a wikimedia project.
>I got some support for contents by a range of wikipedia writers, but what I
>really need now are developers who set up a basic structure so that we can
>get started. Jimbo Wales suggested that the inital wikispecies would be
>basically the same as the one of wikipedia.
>I evaluated some species data bases and based on that I worked out a basic
>structure: a main page with search functions and sub-pages for an individual
>species/genus/family and so on, whith different features that can be
>searched for (for details see bottom of this e-mail).
>If you think you can help, please let me know - every support is much
>appreciated! Thanks,
>Best viewed at: www.fishbase.org (though for a rather professional user,
>therefore a bit extensive). Main page would need to be a search page that
>provides a determination key as well.
>Search terms
>A general division in “standard search” and “advanced search” with details
>would be good.
>NAME (common name, scientific names, synonyms, taxonomic number, etc.)
>CLASSIFICATION KEY (classification, would be perfect if we could get a PDA
>compatible one for field applications)
>FAMILY (loads of detail search functions, see at fishbase)
>DISTRIBUTION (loads of detail search functions see at fishbase: ‘country’)
>ECOSYSTEM (loads of detail search functions, see at fishbase)
>TOPIC (special topics and articles)
>TOOLS (loads of detail search functions, see at fishbase; including a
>reference/literature search)
>BIODIVERSITY MAP (once again: see at fishbase)
>MEDIA (maps, films, pictures, if available)
>Subpage for species:
>CLASSIFICATION (as tree diagram, looks like a path)
>MORPHOLOGY (incl. picture or illustration)
>MEDIA (images, maps, diagrams, videos, etc.)
>DISTRIBUTION (geographically and in terms of countries)

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