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Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 23 01:37:10 UTC 2004

Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales a écrit:
> leercontainer-wikimedia at yahoo.com wrote:
>>are there any other policies that you consider global?
> Neutrality (NPOV) as expressed in my original exposition of the
> concept.
> Wikipedia is an encyclopedia (there can be some cultural variation in
> what is considered appropriate for an encyclopedia versus a
> dictionary, but my point is just that Wikipedia is not a joke book or
> a personal chat site, etc.)
> There's probably some other things that I'm forgetting right now, but
> that's the essence of it.  Decisions about how to select sysops or
> exactly what to do about particular trolls are so case-specific and
> culture-specific that it would be silly of us to imagine that non-en
> wikipedias will follow the same path.
> Things like naming conventions or style conventions are going to be
> highly culture and language specific.
> Indeed, I would imagine that some of the younger/smaller wikis will
> learn from the mistakes of the older/larger wikis.
> Even the detailed implementation of a broad rule like "no personal
> attacks" is going to be culture specific to a degree.
> --Jimbo

I might add that another current global rule is one of openess and 
freedom of participating. We welcome everyone to participate, whatever 
the gender, age, social background, level of education, citizenship 
etc... We do not request real name, we do not even request pseudonyme.

If one wikipedia was beginning to restrict participation, by for 
example, requesting that the editor provides due diploma to prove his 
educational background to be able to contribute, or a signature from a 
husband or father to authorize a woman to edit, or for a user to pay to 
be able to become a wikiholic, then, there would be a serious problem.

Note that this global rule of openess overlaps with the "no personal 
attacks". When one feels threatened, be it by one editor or by the 
community, then, there is no more openess really.

No ?

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