[Wikipedia-l] Brazilian Portuguese

Pedro M V Oliveira pedro.vidal at sapo.pt
Thu Aug 19 23:42:08 UTC 2004

Hi all.

E2m said it all. But I'll add: I think our wikipedia is very peaceful, we work together in a cooperative way and there's no problem, we're are growing fast now. A few days ago a guy came (that one that João Miranda said) and caused disturbs. Portuguese lang. Wikipedia is a friendly and fun wikipedia with adult, fun and w/cultivated people - we like to play sometimes. It was just one user - Lets not overreact, because of a personal view of the word, which wants to mislead non-speaks and destroy our community and aims. BTW we're relearning each others culture and I (personally and mostly) prefer to use international Portuguese already even if it is not implemented yet. It is promised that will be soon, it was decided in July. And the diversity of the language will not be harmed; it will just unify the orthography (today's differences in writting are in the same level has in English). There is virtually no problem in comprehension between different speakers in different countries (just some words gained a different meaning in one country and some are written differently  - these are a very small amount of words) - we are the Portuguese-Brazilian Encyclopedia (Enciclopédia Luso-Brasileira) in the Internet, and we'll be better than the physical one!

saudações wikipédicas,

Pedro M. Vidal de Oliveira
Póvoa de Varzim, Porto, Portugal

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