[Wikipedia-l] Re: Brazilian Portuguese

Ralesk Ne'vennoyx ralesk at livejournal.com
Thu Aug 19 12:48:22 UTC 2004

Emmanuel wrote:
> - There are 18 Brazilians for each one Portuguese in the world. 
> Brazilians WTFly crazily invaded orkut, fotolog and most the blogs. 
> Quickly, Brazil will overrun pt.wikipedia. The portuguese people are the 
> ones who should be worried, but they are not.

I’m glad you mentioned blogs.  LiveJournal faced a similar issue, and 
they decided to keep it together, as far as I can recall.  They decided 
to try to use expressions that are understandable for both sides — and 
while this is easy on an interface, it’s by far not as obvious in the 
FAQs, which are, just like Wikipedia articles, long and made out of 
complete sentences.

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