[Wikipedia-l] Brazilian Portuguese

Allan Patrick Medeiros Lucas allan.patrick at ig.com.br
Wed Aug 18 12:20:37 UTC 2004


(I´m not proficient in english language) 

> Wikipedia new language request. 
> There are 182.1 million people in Brazil who use Brazilian 
> Portuguese as their main language. 
> Brazilian Portuguese IS NOT the same as Portuguese (domain 
> pt.wikipedia.org) and it still isn't on the list 
> (http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Complete_list_of_language_wikis_available) 

This question had been discussed over and over again on pt.wikipedia.org and 
every time we have concluded that the best way is to stay together. 

And, yes, I´m from Brazil and my first language is brazilian portuguese. 

(patrick @ pt.wikipédia) 
(patrick-br @ meta.wikipedia) 
Caruaru, PE (Brazil) 

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