[Wikipedia-l] Re: Request for the second Serbian Wikipedia

millosh millosh at millosh.org
Tue Aug 17 12:28:23 UTC 2004

>> I suppose so, though I believe both Serbian and Croatian usually 
>> "transliterate" foreign names, so "George Bush" becomes "Dz^ordz^ 
>> Bus^", whether in Latin or in Cyrillic Script.
> AFAIK only Serbian does that, both in cyrillic and in latin script. 
> Croatian says "Georg Bush" while Serbian says "Đorđ Buš".

Actually, we say Džordž Buš, not Đorđ Buš... One more thing: Croatians just write "Georg Bush", but say the same as in English ;)

Some foreign names are transcribed, some are not. Usually, we do not transcribe technical abbreviations (BGP, SMTP, POP, WWW, etc.), but we do that with cultural (DNA is in Serbian DNK, because acid in Serbian is 'kiselina'). GNU is the same in English and in Serbian, but GNU FDL is "GNU-ova LSD" or "Gnuova LSD" (Free Document License in Serbian is "Licenca za slobodnu dokumentaciju").

It is possible to have "group page". For example, page "BGP" would have just links for BGP in Cyrillic script and BGP in Latin script.

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