[Wikipedia-l] personal threats again

Austin Hair callidus at austinhair.org
Tue Aug 17 11:00:24 UTC 2004

> What is still very weird, is that he used IP addresses from many
> different places, from Thailand to the United States. My question is:
> how could he?

This is commonly accomplished by means of proxy servers -- programs
running on host machines which allow Internet traffic to be piped
through as if the request came from the proxy host, rather than the
actual origin.  An all-purpose redirect, if you will.

These days, most of the proxies used for this purpose are nothing more
than backdoored Windows PCs; desktop computers which have, at some point
or another, been compromised by a trojan horse.  This is one of the many
reasons the use of Microsoft Windows should be considered to be actively
harmful -- but now I'm editorializing.

> roozbeh

Austin D. Hair <austin at austinhair.org>
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