[Wikipedia-l] Distributing fonts

Zinnmann Zinnmann at mnet-online.de
Sat Aug 14 14:22:28 UTC 2004

>>I don't think, we have to mirror every single GPL software. But maybe
>>a comprehensive catalogue of free software and data (like fonts) would
>>be a good idea.
MM> It fits into the emotional state of this discussion that suddenly "a 
MM> free OGG player" has become "every single GPL software"...

Sorry, Magnus, my comment wasn't meant to be offensive. I apologize if
it sounds like that.

No, it's just, that IMHO theres no need to distribute software as
there enough download location. Of course a small Ogg-Player wouldn't
harm our bandwith, but it might be a signal into a different diretion.
Knowledge is our domain. And in my opinion we should stick to that.
It's absolutely ok, to guide people to the (GPL) software they need.
But we dont't have to offer it ourself.

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