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Pablo Saratxaga pablo at mandrakesoft.com
Fri Aug 13 21:37:17 UTC 2004


On Fri, Aug 13, 2004 at 10:30:51PM +0200, Magnus Manske wrote:

> If we have a free TTF file to download from the web somewhere, link's 
> fine. If not, I see no reason *not* to upload and offer one. Sure 
> haven't heard one in the previous postings.

Ah, that is quite a different thing.

However, it would still be better to put it somewhere else (along other
fonts for example; that would reach more people)

> Come on, where's the problem? We're offering 4-5 *GB* with pictures to 
> download for en already. And you say we're not equipped to serve a 
> single TTF file?

I had read it as if the idea was to frentically upload all kind of fonts
Indeed one font is not very much; but the real point is that it is not
the right place.
The images are big, but they illustrate the articles; they are part of
the information in the articles.

A font, I don't see how it could be a part of the article (a font file
cannot be directly usable from the web pages; it has to be downloaded
and installed first; that is different to images, sound and video that
can be directly seen/heard).

A font file could be a part of the article of an article about
typography or computer typography; but as it won't be directly usable
from the web browser, probably it would be useless anyway.

Another thing would be a font like a tool to create the infrastructure
(eg, to standardize on the typography of the logos etc); such
font-as-a-tool could indeed have its place in meta:

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