[Wikipedia-l] Re: (unicode) templates in chess table

Timwi timwi at gmx.net
Wed Aug 11 19:44:37 UTC 2004

Roman Maurer wrote:

> Timwi pravi:
>> You should probably describe in greater detail what you mean by "does 
>> not work".  It works perfectly for me.
> Sorry for not being precise.  By "this" I meant the positioning of 
> images in a 8x8 matrix, not displaying background images.
> So bottom line is this: 
> http://sl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uporabnik:Romanm/%C5%A0ahovska_deska is not 
>  displaying two chessboards - the upper-right is corrupt and I don't 
> have a clue why would that be.

OK, it's not working because you're trying to nest two levels of 
{{...}}. You're trying to do something like this: |h8={{♞}} inside a 
{{template inclusion block}}. This doesn't work because the parser isn't 
that smart. It stops at the first "}}" and doesn't realise that several 
{{...}}s were nested inside each other.

I've experimented around a bit (maybe you've seen the edits that I 
accidentally sent to sl.wikipedia.org rather than my local install :) ). 
I tried to make it so that you can write |h8=♞ and then have 
[[Template:Chess Position]] include another template by saying 
{{chess_{{{h8}}}}}. But this also didn't work: It just generated a link 
to [[Template:Chess_♞]] even if that page existed. I don't know why it 
does that. I've examined the source code, but I can't find the error. 
This is clearly a bug which I'm going to file in Bugzilla now.


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