[Wikipedia-l] (unicode) templates in chess table

Roman Maurer roman.maurer at amis.net
Wed Aug 11 17:51:46 UTC 2004


I have a problem encoding the chess table in Slovene Wikipedia:
The upper-right version is twice-templated and subject to my question 
since it is not working, the lower version does not use main template 
and is there only for comparision.

The idea is to have [[Template:Chess_Position]] and use it like follows:

... other initialisations
|h8=template for black knight
|g7=template for black king
|f7=template for white pawn
|e5=template for white king
|h4=template for white queen}}

I was using direct unicode characters instead of chess-piece templates, 
but Internet Explorer users complained that they cannot see the 
characters and they appeared in background color in Mozilla (*), so I 
switched to templates that should display picture on the background.

But this does not work!  Any hints where did I go wrong?

* Version with Unicode characters:

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