[Wikipedia-l] Approaching galleries (was: Obnoxious art galleries...)

Robert Graham Merkel robert.merkel at benambra.org
Wed Aug 11 11:01:50 UTC 2004

On Wed, Aug 11, 2004 at 10:28:28AM +0000, Andre Engels wrote:

> I agree. It would also be good to have a discussion going with a gallery 
> like this - what about offering them a link for each work of 'theirs' that's 
> on our site. Problem is of course the GNU/FDL - as we do not believe them to 
> be copyright holders, we cannot require of downstream users to keep that 
> kind of thing.

I've tried this with a major Australian art gallery.  Their multimedia
guy was very excited about the possibility of releasing "web-sized"
images of PD works and seeing them used in the web's best encyclopedia.  
I got the distinct impression that the higher-ups weren't, and are still 
pretty clueless about this sort of thing.

Still, just because *one* gallery didn't go for it, doesn't mean every
gallery will knock us back.  I'm considering contacting one of the
*other* major galleries and pointing out to them the benefits of having 
the works *they* have of famous Australian artists in the Wikipedia, 
rather than the gallery that knocked us back :)

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