[Wikipedia-l] Using a tripod (Re: Obnoxious art galleries...)

Peter Gervai grin at tolna.net
Wed Aug 11 10:28:16 UTC 2004

On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 02:36:40PM -0700, Ray Saintonge wrote:

> No flash can be justified because some of these old things can be 
> eventually be damaged by repeated exposure to bright lights. 

Which is a funny thing to observe: try Louvre/Paris, where you're mostly
forbidden using flashes... but you may do whatever you please in the section
of famous paintings, including [[Mona Lisa]]. Either they're fake (don't
think do), or they're made of flash resistant 15th-18th century painting. :)

I believe most artifacts in the Louvre are free to photo, and they indeed
have a *HUGE* collection of *everything*. French wikipedians with good cams
are a good source of PD pictures. :)

Probably the same at many museums as others mentioned. 

But I'm really curious about those claiming rights over PD material, whether
they stand any chance. If they'd do it's pretty scary.


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