[Wikipedia-l] Re: Request for the second Serbian Wikipedia

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Tue Aug 10 07:10:28 UTC 2004

Timwi wrote:

> millosh wrote:
>> Also, there are some new users without right to vote for that question.
> Does this mean you are explicitly excluding certain users from the 
> vote?  Wouldn't that be unfair?
> I am a long-time contributor to the English Wikipedia, but have never 
> used the Serbian one.  Will I be allowed to vote?  I think I should 
> be, and my vote would be that Latin and Cyrillic script should coexist 
> on the same Wiki.

I don't edit on sr, so I wouldn't expect to have that right there.  
English has had its own restrictions on certain things where a person 
would need some number of edits, or some amount of time before editing.  
I suspect that that's what's going on in their project.

Binding votes only make things work.  33% is a significant minority.  We 
have Wikis for languages with far less credibility.  Votes in this 
situation thend to impose the "tyranny of the majority".  A better 
approach is to have both sides recognize the rights and desires of the 
other, and try to accomodate them.

I think that most of us non-Serbian speakers would vote like Timwi.  Not 
having separate British and American version for English was a very 
positive early decision.


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