[Wikipedia-l] Re: Request for the second Serbian Wikipedia

millosh millosh at millosh.org
Mon Aug 9 23:47:02 UTC 2004

Timwi wrote:
> Does this mean you are explicitly excluding certain users from the vote? 
>   Wouldn't that be unfair?
> I am a long-time contributor to the English Wikipedia, but have never 
> used the Serbian one.  Will I be allowed to vote?  I think I should be, 
> and my vote would be that Latin and Cyrillic script should coexist on 
> the same Wiki.

I closed group of members which can vote to users which had opened account on sr: until 18th July (the initial day of voting). I did it as prevention of mass subscribing and voting... I think, if you opened an account until that day, you can vote...

There is one possibility: I see that there are some users (I think the most of them are stewards) on sr: which can vote... (But, don't ask people from former Yugoslavia to vote such as Romanm; it is not good idea.)

I don't know... I don't know a lot about what is usually on Wikipedia. I just translated voting for the question about case sensitivity from Meta. If you make good explanation about that (your identity is known and you are long-time contributor on en:), I think it would be OK.

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