[Wikipedia-l] Nauruan and this ugly message under each en:article

Gerard.Meijssen gerardm at myrealbox.com
Mon Aug 9 17:28:23 UTC 2004

Ralesk Ne'vennoyx wrote:

> Austin Hair wrote:
>> There's a reason we use XHTML and CSS to begin with; while my beef is so
>> minor as to be inconsequential, certain design choices strike me as
>> being a bit ironic.
> And the XHTML+CSS way is to “display: none;” what you don’t want to show.
> Screen readers and Braille consoles don’t support it, that’s correct. Gives people a great way to place Skip the menu links on their sites :)  Why, though, is it an ugly message?  Because of the word Nauri?  In that case it would be better to focus on getting the article renamed to “Nauruan language”.  I don’t know any other reasons.
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Sorry, I did this awfull thing; two things in one message. Everyone has reacted to the ugly bits, they are fixed by the looks of it. Thanks.

The second thing was about the language "Nauru". According to http://na.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nauruose it is called Nauruose in that language. As all languages are indicated by their local name, this needs fixing. To me it looks like something systeme if not I would like to know where to fix it.


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