[Wikipedia-l] Nauruan and this ugly message under each en:article

Gerard.Meijssen gerardm at myrealbox.com
Mon Aug 9 09:52:11 UTC 2004

On the Nauruan wikipedia, they call their language Nauruose. On the interlinks it is called Nauruan. (http://na.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nauruose)

As languages are indicated in the way it is written in that language, I think this should be amended.

On en: there is this _ugly_ message like "Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nauri_language""

If this must be on each page, have it under the category with at least a blank line above it. The onus of referring to wikipedia is on the site that has copied wikipedia not for us to have this on our pages as well.


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