[Wikipedia-l] Re: Request for the second Serbian Wikipedia

millosh millosh at millosh.org
Sun Aug 8 20:28:35 UTC 2004

>On Sun, Aug 08, 2004 at 06:52:05PM +0100, Timwi wrote:
>> millosh wrote:
>> >So, I think that we can do something like this: We can make secondary 
>> >Serbian Wikipedia using secondary two-letters code for Serbian language: 
>> >sp.
>> Or, alternatively, you can create two pages for each article on the 
>> Serbian Wikipedia, one in Latin and one in Cyrillic, similar to the way 
>> the Chinese Wikipedia handles traditional and simplified characters.
> I think that would be even easier than on zh-* because they don't share 
> many letters if any.

Huh. Maybe my English is not so good... I said (or I wanted to say) that we (almost) have decision _not_ to work on Latin pages on sr: (i.e.: decision is that sr.wikipedia.org should not have Latin pages).  I am trying to find alternate solution. Two-letters code "sp" is reserved for Serbian language so there is no code collision (sp.wikipedia.org doesn't exist, too).

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