[Wikipedia-l] Request for volunteers to ber interviewed for research project

Jeremy J. Shapiro jshapiro at fielding.edu
Sat Aug 7 19:15:27 UTC 2004

Volunteers needed for research study on the experience of the regular use 
of several information and communication technologies for daily-life 
activities, such as work, personal and family communication, social 
networking, and leisure activities. The study is designed to look at the 
multiple worlds many of us now deal with as a regular part of our daily 
lives. Participation in the study involves one or two in-person or phone 
interviews, lasting from one and a half to two hours each, conducted by a 
researcher affiliated with Fielding Graduate Institute 
(<http://www.fielding.edu/>www.fielding.edu ). To qualify, you must be over 
18 years old and use at least two Internet applications (e-mail, the Web, 
on-line bulletin boards or discussion spaces, mailing lists/listserv's or 
newsgroups, access to news, instant messaging, chat rooms, webcam), at 
least one other computer application (e.g. word-processing, spreadsheet, 
database), and the telephone and/or phone-based text messaging on a daily 
or nearly daily basis as a major part of your work and personal activities, 
and you must have been doing so for at least six months. For an in-person 
interview (preferred but not essential), you should also live in or near 
New York City; Providence, Rhode Island, or Portland, Oregon, which is 
where the researchers are located. For a phone interview, you should live 
in the continental United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hong 
Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, or Australia. Upon completion, this study will 
be available to any interviewee who expresses an interest in it. There is 
no remuneration for participating in the study. If you are interested, 
email internetresearch at fielding.edu.

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