[Wikipedia-l] Re: new upload form translations

Michael Snow wikipedia at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 6 04:50:52 UTC 2004

Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales wrote:

>It looks like people are translating this form:
>But this form is clearly inferior to the one proposed by Erik on
>this page:
In terms of design, Erik's might well be an improvement. But I'm not 
sure where it was in terms of development, I only know there's a couple 
of nice pictures of how it would look. With Andre's (Sansculotte's) 
form, I understood the form itself was pretty much ready to go. Maybe if 
we can superimpose Erik's layout on Andre's work, we would be able to 
combine the best parts from each.

Erik's design is also set up with the specific Wikimedia Commons 
proposal in mind. That project still seems to be waiting for some 
impetus to get off the ground. I know there was some difference of 
opinion as to how much preparation was needed before rollout, but maybe 
it would make sense to use the new upload form as a reason to get that 
project actually started?

--Michael Snow

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