[Wikipedia-l] Re: [bhorrocks at npg.org.uk: National Portrait Gallery images on Wikipedia website]

Karl Eichwalder ke at gnu.franken.de
Wed Aug 4 19:16:36 UTC 2004

"Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales" <jwales at wikia.com> writes:

> It would please me greatly to be able to respond that their claims are
> preposterous.  Shall we research this carefully?

It is not our turn to prove our innocence.

> From: "Bernard Horrocks" <bhorrocks at npg.org.uk>

> All photographs, scans, text and other material on the National
> Portrait Gallery's website are protected by international copyright
> laws.

Do they own the copyright?  The pictures they mention are in the PD.

> Unauthorised reproduction of such content may be an
> infringement of such laws.

It may, but maybe it is not - if he does not know it, it isn't our
problem.  A modern repro done by the gallery might be "protected" a
copyright.  It would be up to the officer to present some such facts.

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