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The simple solution is that we need to find as many nicely printed art
books from the PD era, and do some mass scanning and uploading,
documenting carefully the sources.


Robert Graham Merkel wrote:

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> > It would please me greatly to be able to respond that their claims are
> > preposterous.  Shall we research this carefully?
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> I don't know about UK law, but the National Gallery of Victoria 
> in Australia (with the shared legal tradition I believe the copyright
> laws are similar) seems to believe that they own the rights to any 
> photographs of the artworks they own, even if the artworks themselves 
> are in the public domain.  You will note the copyright notice on 
> this Australian website:
> http://www.artistsfootsteps.com/html/Artists_mccubbin.htm
> This is despite the fact that McCubbin died in 1917.
> I have been meaning to get around to making further enquiries into this
> in the Australian context, but haven't got around to it.  Given this
> enquiry, it just got moved up my priority list.
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