[Wikipedia-l] Minority/majority deadlock (help!)

Elisabeth Bauer elian at djini.de
Sun Aug 1 15:29:58 UTC 2004

Gutza wrote:

> Ok, so it finally came down to this: a few people say that some thing 
> has to be done one way, while many other people say it has to be done in 
> another way. Whatever the discussion, whatever the results of a poll, 
> whatever the arguments, the minority can always say that they are being 
> trampled upon if things are done the way the majority prefers. 

So what? Wikipedia is not an organization for preserving the rights of a 
minority but an encyclopedia. As such, it should report the mainstream 
view and give adequate space and consideration to minority view points.

If hundred thousand people call a thing X and one thousand call it Y, 
wikipedia should call it X and mention that thousand call it Y. If three 
people call it Z, it's an aspect which need not be mentioned (except 
these three are _very_ important people).


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