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wiki_tomos wiki_tomos at inter7.jp
Sun Aug 1 01:11:30 UTC 2004


It is relatively clear that article names cannot be decided completely neutrally. We sometimes have to choose one, and the choice could be deemed "biased" by some outsiders who don't understand the technical aspect of our wiki.

On Japanese Wikipedia, we have guidelines (a bit different from en), but there are many cases where those guidelines cannot give us the answer. 

For those cases, what we can do, it seems, are:

- make sure major alternative spellings are redirected to the article. 
- make sure major alternative spellings are mentioned in the article, and given explanations following NPOV policy. Readers will know, if they read the article, that the article is not written in support of either spelling. 
- come to an agreement among the users involved in the editing that this issue cannot be solved neutrally, and we should let wikilove lead us for the success of the project. 

Hope it helps.



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